Lentil Soup

Mmmmmm lentil soup. Definitely qualifies as a top favorite winter meal, probably in a close race for first with a classic Thanksgiving-inspired dinner. Its hearty, warm, rich and best of all CHEAP. A bag ‘o lentils runs for about 1-2 bones these days- not bad when it costs 4 dollars just to go over a stinkin’ bridge- which these devotees nearly did for a mere lack of carrots. Lentil soup without carrots? Just won’t do. Its really easy to make and easy to throw in whatever you have around. We’re talking variety here people. Leeks, scallions, celeriac, thyme- you kinda play it by ear, or mouth rather. You can literally add anything you desire into this dish. You can even use 1 month old scallions like we did! 1 month old I tell ya! MMmMmM. That’s called being green, even if they aren’t anymore.

Well, were going outside before this snow storm comes.   Hot toddies- Good Earth Tea, cinnamon,cardamom, and 2% Milk. Oh yes, we did, and you can’t judge us until you have tried it yourself. We just created it from things we already had- and turns out its our new favorite thing.

‘Cause you wanna know the best part about cooking? Experimentation. And that is the theme of the night. Sometimes the creations you whip up with things you have laying around can turn into a favored standby. So get in your kitchen and create a masterpiece- if we can do it so can you.

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