The Last Supper

He was leaving for San Francisco.
I was leaving for Vermont.
How do we celebrate our last evening together?
By eating lots and lots of food.

I’m going to use this post to give my my little speech on how important I believe local food is. After this I won’t bother you with it again (I could go on and on).

In a nutshell- local food rules. It is good for the environment because it uses way less petroleum than shipping produce halfway around the world (ahem greens grown in South America that can be grown right here in Little Rhody). It is an economically sound practice as well because it keeps your dollar in the state and supports the dwindling population of small farmers (30+ years ago we had about 70 dairy farmers in the state- now we have 11). Local food is fresher, and often grown organically. Most importantly however, IT IS THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD YOU WILL EVER EAT. I am a huge, huge advocate of it. If you want to know more about local food, visit my other blog at Slow Food URI or just leave a comment and ask.
Our dinner contained 2 local ingredients: Rainbow Carrots (again) and Rainbow Chard.

The photo is oven roasted leeks, carrots and parsnips over wild rice. The two little guys on the side are goat cheese filled dates. The were not part of the original dinner plan but Valen was fooling around with some odds and ends while cooking and came up with the combo. Delicious.

For some more veggies and protein we made a salad with local Rainbow Chard, fried chick peas, sprouts, tomatoes and some yummy Briana’s brand dressing (they make the best).

This supper was vegetarian, local and really, really healthy. Jesus and his apostles would approve. Amen.

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