SoRRY sorry. I know I have not posted in….well its been almost two months. I apologize to all of you millions of viewers out there. I know you have all been waiting anxiously and in the previous months  have found yourself at a loss due to the absence. I know, its ok. We’re back.
Anyways, this is the second restaurant post we have done on here, because a great part about great food is eating great food at great restaurants!
AS220 is definitely one of my favorite spots in RI. I lo0o0o0ove this place. First off, they are always holding concerts (Deer Tick anyone?) and cool art is always on display. There is something always going on there. Even just going to the bathroom there is fun because you get to read all the little blurbs and haikus people write on the walls. They have a fun little restaurant and bar, where the food is local and delicious but best of all SUPER CHEAP.
So I have been working as a SNAP outreach worker this summer, which means I go around to different sites in RI and help people apply for food stamps if they qualify. I often find myself around the Providence area with about an hour to spare. So where do I go for lunch?
On this particular May day it was GORGEOUS outside so I sat out on Empire street people watching.
My SEVEN DOLLAR sandwich and herbal iced tea (and THE CAVE by Jose Saramago, a great book if you are looking to read one).
Marinated chicken, sauteed kale, red onion, marmalade and smoked goat cheese on durum wheat.
We went back for dinner last week before a documentary screening at Local 121 down the street. He ordered said sandwich and I ordered a tofu coconut curry dish that was delish. Then we were off to The Greenhorns an awesome and inspiring documentary about young farmers in America.
“We are committed to bringing you food that is affordable (really), seasonal, simple and creative. I know, it’s wacky. But hear me out: buying and eating locally means reducing your carbon footprint. It means you can high-five the people who grow and cook your food. It means that your afternoon snack hasn’t been on a truck for eight days, and that when you eat it, it will have actual flavor not fabricated in a factory. Your food spends less time traveling and you spend less time wondering what went into that burger. You know what that means: me time to make art, more time to enjoy music and more time to relax and soak up all your little state has to offer.”
-Guy Michaud, manager, AS220
HeLL to thA yeA

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