Gluten Free Grilled Pizza

My friend Thom is an amazing cook and we have been meaning to get together and do so for a long time. It finally happened a couple weeks ago. We invited my best friend Hadley, who happens to be one a dem Gluten-Free peeps. Thom and I took that on as a challenge and grilled up some stuff on my back deck to satisfy all of Hadley’s wheat-hating needs.
Margherita pizza. The gluten-free dough stuck to the grill, so on our second attempt we really oiled that baby up and we got this nice lookin’ pie.
Simple salad of swiss chard and radishes from the Slow Food URI garden.
 Tomatoes and fresh chives from the Slow Food URI Garden
Eggplant grilling with what looks like the national pizza of Australia.
And ‘course, its not a mid day cook out without sangria and fresh mint.
Happy summer!

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