The Best Wine EVER

For some reason, my dad really values my opinion on wine, even though I am a total newbie when it comes to taste. There are not many wines that I love being a newbie, but Apothic Red had me from the start. First off, you can’t go wrong with the price ($9.99) and second, its taste is a blend of heaven. It came as not surprise to me then, when I stumbled across an¬†article¬†featuring it in the Projo FOOD section.
We shared the wine with one of my friends who is studying to be a sommelier (a trained wine professional) and he was blown away by the stuff.
We needed a great meal to pair it with, so we chose two recipes from that weeks Projo Food section to honor it.
We did a simple swiss chard salad with fresh radishes topped with pistachios and Pecorino Romano. I whipped up a little vinaigrette for that as well. Next came the blanched almond chicken (we did not know what blanched was before the recipe) and the carrot cilantro salad. Overall a great meal to go with that great wine.

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