Food for Thought

Everyone is taking pictures of their food these days. It seems to me that the human pre-meal ritual has switched over from saying grace and praising god, to hashtagging, gramming and showing the world how beautiful our meals can be. Snap, filter and post, so that the world will know of your delicious chow.  I may not have an iphone, or an instagram for that matter, but this is not actually a technological phenomenon that bothers me. I kinda like it.

People appreciating their food? I’m ay okay with being in that large club.

I sort of found myself wishing it were easier for me to share my breakfast this morning, because it felt like so much more than breakfast.


After a great night out in Newport, RI with this pal, one of my oldest and dearest friends, I found myself on my porch this morning, eating eggs, looking out onto the hazy ocean, smiling and loving life.

close up

And so, this isn’t just a quick pic of my breakfast, it is a small documentation to the immense happiness and contentment that is my life. What I would really like to say is that I am grateful to be eating and feeling well, appreciative of my beautiful friends and loving family and more than thankful to be living on this tiny island by the sea.


I think that’s what all the  instagrammers are trying to say. Look at how lucky I am world. Amen!

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