A Real Rhody Breakfast

You know what I love to do? Wake up inappropriately late, saunter around in my snowflake jammies, yell at my cats who are sitting on the counter when they are not supposed to be and make an insanely delicious breakfast. Since I am a student at URI and I live on campus, (which means a tiny room and no kitchen) I rarely get to do this. Yet alas! It is spring break and I have the luxury of using my mother’s kitchen. I have only been home for three days, (I was skiing in VT for 4) but you better believe I’ve been cookin’ up a storm.

Sunday while I was making breakfast, I realized everything I was using was local. This just proves to people (like my skeptical parents) there IS INDEED local food you can eat in the winter and it is NOT HARD. Check out the Farm Fresh RI website for a winter market near you.  I hit up the Costal Grower’s market at the mills in North Kingstown. I try to go every Saturday- I always come home with treasures.

Anywhoodle. Lets cut to the chase.

Did I mention I found a food setting on my Nikon camera? Its like they knew. I will try to not post anymore lousy pictures (refer to post one).

Bread is multi-grain from Olga’s cup and saucer based out of Providence RI. Jam is from a jar that my friend Alyssa gave me over Christmas, made last summer from grapes she picked right near her home in South Kingstown, RI. The greens are greens I bought at the market (sorry not to give credit to the farm, I can’t remember the name) and the eggs are from my best friend’s cattle farm right here on the island of Jamestown, Windmist.

Local AND tasty.

Happy eatings.

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