Simple Roasted Vegetables



Look at this exotic beet.

I’m gonna tell you a secret. I’m gonna tell you how to make yourself look like a culinary school graduate by blindly grabbing farmer’s market produce and throwing it in the oven for a ‘lil bit. People will ooh and ahh and you will beam. Dead serious. I impress people with this zero-effort dish all the time and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Step One: Go to the farmers market and buy whatever vegetables look good.

*the more exotic vegetables you buy, the more you will look like Ina Garten. Note: purple cauliflower, golden beets, leeks, etc.

*p.p.s – you can use SNAP benefits at many national farmer’s markets and often receive coupons or discounts for doing so. Google it in your state!

Step Two: Wash vegetables and chop them into bite size pieces.

Step Three: Throw vegetables in a pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper- a lil’ rosemary if you’re feeling fancy.

Step Four: Roast in oven @ 400 degrees until vegetables are tender.


Girl, you fancy. Yer basically Ina Garten. 

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